New project: Family Lives and the Environment

Young Lives has recently started a collaboration with the Family Lives and Environment research team, which is part of an ESRC-funded research project, NOVELLA (Narratives of Varied Everyday Lives and Linked Approaches).

NOVELLA is one of six Research Methods Nodes in the UK and focuses on methodologies for studying everyday family practices. It aims to analyse the ways in which different generations view their family habits in order to better understand how, and why, what people say they do differs from what they actually do. This research will focus on family practices relevant to the environment, children’s and their parents’ understandings of the environment and environmental shocks, and the impact of these on their everyday lives.

The NOVELLA team will draw on secondary analysis of data from Young Lives research in Andhra Pradesh and data from the UK’s Millennium Cohort Study as well as new fieldwork to examine different family practice in India and the UK. In encompassing India and England, the research sets out to identify potential for mutual learning between countries which are very different in demography and societal resources.

NOVELLA is based at the institute of Education at the University of London, with partners at Anglia Ruskin University, the University of East London, University of Oxford (Young Lives) and the University of Sussex.

Members of the Young Lives team include Jo Boyden, Gina Crivello, Ginny Morrow and Emma Wilson.

For more information:
ESRC National Centre for Research Methods