IMPACT CASE STUDY Influencing policy on child marriage in India and Ethiopia

Gender, adolescence & youth
Early marriage and FGM
Impact case study

This Young Lives impact case study describes our influence of policy on child marriage in India and Ethiopia. For related impact stories, please follow us on Twitter @yloxford.

In overview:

  • Most countries worldwide have either banned child marriage or are working towards a ban, but the practice persists. Millions of children, mainly girls, are affected, especially those from poor backgrounds. Child marriage has serious economic, educational and health consequences.
  • Young Lives research reveals the extent of child marriage in the four study countries, and also the severity of its impact on the life chances of girls in particular.
  • In India, Young Lives evidence has contributed directly to a change in the law which makes sex with a wife who is a child an offence of rape.
  • In Ethiopia, Young Lives has highlighted the complexity of factors affecting child marriage, and shared findings with the Ethiopian Government and other influential stakeholders including UNICEF and the Population Council.