Parental Aspirations and Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India


This paper used data from the Young Lives study.  The author's abstract reads: 

This study examines the effect of parents’ aspirations on children’s educational outcomes using data from the Young Lives study in Andhra Pradesh in India. It contributes to the sparse literature on this topic by first testing the overall impact of aspirations, and second, by uncovering any non-linearities of this effect. Through the channel of children's aspirationsfor-self, parental aspirations affect future-oriented behaviour and outcomes. This study estimates these impacts by exploring the effect of deviations from the average aspirations within the parents' "aspiration window" (Ray 2006) on the outcome variables at three time periods. The results provide support for the idea of an aspirations gap where both the extent and the direction of the deviation are likely to have differing effects on outcomes. Findings imply that higher aspirations are beneficial for both outcomes, although outcomes are potentially impacted in a non-linear fashion.