Professor S. Galab

Principal Investigator (CESS)

Brief Biography

Professor Galab is the Principal Investigator for Young Lives in India and Director of the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS), Hyderabad. He is a development economist with a doctorate in Economics and postgraduate degree in Economics and Statistics. He has carried out research on the effectiveness of public policies related to poverty alleviation, including social capital, women’s empowerment, child work and livelihoods. He has also conducted research on the welfare impact of public sector reforms and is responsible for teaching and supervising MPhil and PhD students at CESS. He has previously been Project Director for Andhra Pradesh District Poverty Initiatives Project (APDPIP) and Andhra Pradesh Rural Poverty Reduction Project (APRPRP). He was a member of the Welfare Commission on Farmers - a Commission appointed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in response to the agrarian crisis. He has also beena member of the Working Group on Poverty Elimination. His research interests include poverty, natural resource management, the handloom sector; solid waste management in urban areas and agrarian distress.

Latest Publications

Growth recovery and faltering through early adolescence:Determinants and implications for cognitive development

Young Lives Survey Design and Sampling in Andhra Pradesh, India

Youth and Development: Preliminary Findings from the Round 4 Survey in India

Nutrition and Health: Preliminary Findings from the Round 4 Survey in India

Education and Learning: Preliminary Findings from the Round 4 Survey in India

Classroom Process, Teacher Ability and Student Performance



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